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Change Federal Law So All Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Can be Closed

Los Angeles is in the process of closing more than 400 “medical” marijuana stores in an attempt to stop the chaos of open marijuana sales.  Good.  From the story:

Los Angeles city prosecutors began notifying 439 medical marijuana dispensaries Tuesday that they must shut down by June 7, when the city’s ordinance to regulate the stores takes effect. It’s the first step in what could be a lengthy and expensive legal battle to regain control over pot sales. The letters, which were sent to both dispensary operators and property owners, warn that violations of the city’s laws are a misdemeanor and could lead to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Collectives that stay open after the deadline could also face civil penalties of $2,500 a day. “We’re hopeful that the fact that we’ve given them more than 30 days to comply that a significant number of them will cease operating,” said Asha Greenberg, the assistant city attorney who has handled most of the efforts to close dispensaries.

Good luck with that.  MMJ in LA is often  just drug dealing, and thar’s a lot of money in them thar hills. Besides, all marijuana dispensaries should be closed.  Store fronts selling home grown “herb” is not the right way to distribute medicine.

But that won’t happen until the Feds get on the stick and change the Controlled Substances Act to permit cannabis to be tested, prescribed through pharmacies, and delivered in ways that allow precise dosage and administration without smoking or eating.  Until then, the federal law–supposedly suppressing recreational use–is actually furthering it.

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