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CIRM Part Time Fat Cats Strike it Rich on Californians’ Borrowed Money

The hubris and profligacy of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine–established foolishly by CA voters on the wings of ESCR/cloning ultra hype–continues to amaze in its sheer audacity.  Now, an executive has been brought on board part time for 6 months, for which he will earn a sweet $250,000From the ever valuable California Stem Cell Report:

The new interim vice president for research and development at the California stem cell agency holds a $250,000, six-month contract that calls for him to push hard to develop clinical applications that CIRM hopes will demonstrate the success of its $3 billion effort…Under the terms of Lewis’ contract, he is expected to work about 24 hours a week and meet with CIRM officials at least once a week at the agency’s San Francisco headquarters. (CIRM provided an unsigned copy of the contract, which is a public document, at the request of the California Stem Cell Report.)

I hope he doesn’t break too hard a sweat.  Besides, the only hope for clinical applications in a short time are with adult stem cells, which the CIRM switched to funding last year.

And look what other CIRM executives receive:

Lewis is the third top executive of CIRM to be working on a part-time, paid basis. The others are CIRM Chairman Robert Klein, who receives $150,000 for half-time work, and co-Vice Chairman Art Torres, who is paid $225,000 for four days a week. By way of contrast, CIRM President Alan Trounson receives $490,008 annually for fulltime work.

Remember, this is all on borrowed money from a bankrupt state. If the MSM would get off their fat duffs and begin to cover this with the front page attention it deserves, perhaps this “agency” could be put out of our misery. Maybe this will help: Hey MSM–this isn’t about promoting the causes of pro lifers.  It is about unaccountable fat cats. It is safe to cover the story!

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