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Congressman Bilbray: “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”

Mike Spence of California’s Republican Party, blisters San Diego area Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray in Flashreport for promising in writing to uphold President Bush’s veto of the stem cell funding bill–when he wanted social conservatives’ votes to get elected to an interim term–and then doing just the opposite. Here are the key points:

“Bilbray promised that he would support the President’s policy IN WRITING. Again, attached is the questionnaire.

Look at question number four.

“Would you oppose any legislation that would authorize federal funding of research for which the killing of human embryos would be a predicate step or necessary?”

Bilbray answers yes after adding in writing. “I support President Bush’s policy of limiting research to existing lines of cells.” Just so there is no mistaking his position look at the last page where he signs it. Bilbray adds. “On Question 4: I strongly support laws aggressively outlawing the creation of embryos for research purposes. I am opposed to any “sale” of human life in any form.”

Except, apparently, when it comes to actually voting…

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