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Country’s Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Opposes Assisted Suicide

The national board of LULAC, the nation’s largest Latino civil rights organization, has unanimously opposed assisted suicide in general and California’s AB 651 in specific. The MSM continue to attempt to portray opposition to assisted suicide as a product of religious conservatism. This has never been true, as almost every one of the world’s major medical and nursing associations oppose killing as a medical treatment. But now, the coalition (of which I am a proud part) opposing PAS is more diverse than ever.

As the LULAC press release points out:”[T]he Latino community doesn’t want Assisted Suicide. The Disability community does not want Assisted Suicide. The poor and uninsured do not want Assisted Suicide. The majority of us are Democrats and we want our representatives to focus on issues like Health Care, Education, and Immigrant Rights — not Assisted Suicide.”

This is a big story. Will the general media report it?