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Of Course it is: True Story of Assisted Suicide to be Made into a Movie

The purveyors of popular culture never tire of pushing the euthanasia/assisted suicide agenda. We see it in movies, often made from pro-assisted suicide books, e.g., Million Dollar Baby, The Sea Within, One True Thing. Many of the top television dramas have had pro-assisted suicide themes, sometimes more than once, e.g. ER, Law and Order, Star Trek Voyager.

Then there was the fawning made-for-TV-movie made from Ruth Klooster’s side of the story about the legal contest that ensued with her son Chip when he prevented her from taking her husband Gerald–who had Alzheimer’s disease–to Jack Kevorkian. Chip, for whom I was a spokesperson, was rewarded for saving his father’s life by being excoriated in press for “kidnapping” his father and for “imposing” his religious beliefs on his family. The biased reporters repeatedly wrote that Chip was somehow in it for the money, while Ruth was just a compassionate wife. Yet, it was Ruth who sold her story. After it was over, Chip, who was one of the most selfless people I have ever known, just went back to his life. (Gerald died several years later of natural causes.)

Now, in the UK, the story of a woman who went to Switzerland for an assisted suicide will be extolled. How do I know it won’t be critical? Puhleeze! But here’s a clue from the story:

Screenwriter Frank McGuinness said: “As a doctor Anne Turner lived and worked by her principles, and she chose to die by them. This film recognises that rare courage.”

What a cliche`. You see, to the arteests, killing yourself in the face of illness is always the courageous enlightened course. Living fully until you die, well where’s the uniqueness and specialness in that?

Never underestimate the power of “the movies” to change morality and public attitudes. This is part of the pro euthanasia propaganda war that has been pushing the culture of death for nearly two decades now.These showbiz types are like termites chomping away at the equality of life ethic. And it isn’t going to stop any time soon.