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Cousins Commit Joint Suicide at Swiss Clinic

Two elderly cousins, who worried about being separated, have flown to Switzerland where they were made dead while holding hands. From the Telegraph story:

Stuart Henderson, 86, and Phyllis McConachie, 89, took their lives together in a Swiss clinic in November last year. Neither was terminally ill.

The pair had lived together for 40 years and managed to look after each other in a sheltered housing complex. But, with Ms McConachie having injured her hip in a fall and with Mr Henderson’s onset dementia, the cousins worried they would be sent to different homes and separated.

That fear was probably not unreasonable. The modern health care technocracy has no heart.

At least the suicide pusher did:

Dr Erika Preisig, who runs the clinic, said: “The way they went, full of peace and happiness, is amazing. This is what happens when people who live together for a really long time go together.”

I wonder if Preisig gave them a two-for-the-price-of-one special deal?

Suicide is so in! They “died on their own terms:” Brittany Maynard!


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