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Cruel and Unusual Death With Dignity

A commentary in the Washington Square News, riffing off of the suicide of Ariel Castro, argues that prisons should implement euthanasia for people sentenced to life in prison. From the piece by Nikolas Reda-Castro:

Castro made a plea bargain, surrendering his property and his possessions, to opt out of the death penalty, but it seems he only did so just to take his own life a month later. The ACLU does many good things for prison reform, but I find myself — knowing full well how contentious the argument of suicide is — against the notion that a prison should protect their inmates from killing themselves in situations where they have no hope for release. If they lose all control of their lives, can it be said that they are still living?

Note the comment by the death-on-demand Australian assisted suicide fanatic, Phillip Nitschke:

Fully agree with this. Incarceration without parole is state sanctioned torture and the state has the obligation to offer the option of a peaceful reliable death. Not a popular view when suggested (in Australia)!

This isn’t the first time that assisted suicide/euthanasia has been floated to relieve lifers of their burden–usually by opponents of the death penalty as “cruel and unusual punishment.”

The logic is there: If killing is an acceptable answer to suffering, why can’t that suffering be existential? This is why legalizing euthanasia is to leap off a cliff with no bottom. 

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