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David Kilgour Grilled About Falun Gong Organ Harvesting Charge in Australia

Here is the transcript of an interview with David Kilgour on the Australian Broadcasting Network about the potential Chinese organ harvesting atrocities against the Falun Gong. The interviewer, Tony Jones, was suitably skeptical, and he pressed Kilgour in a completely appropriate manner. After all, the charge made by Kilgour and his co-author David Matas–that the Chinese are killing Falun Gong practitioners and then selling their organs–is profoundly serious. Alas, the Matas/Kilgour report is also credible, although as I have written, the case has not yet been proved.

Complacency is a great ally of evil. To shrug this off as unbelievable or beyond the pale is to ignore the lessons of history. Only a thorough and independent investigation of these charges will put them to rest. I would think the Chinese Government would be eager to be vindicated.


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