Human Exceptionalism

Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein 3 Available: It’s About Transhumanism!

My pal Dean Koontz’s long awaited Book 3 of his Frankenstein series, Dead and Alive, is out and selling like hotcakes. When we got our copy, Secondhand Smokette devoured it in one night.  She can read almost as fast as Dean can write!

In any event, I hadn’t read any of the books in the series and so on my recent trip to Chicago, I started Book 1 and am thoroughly hooked. It is about the dark underbelly of transhumanism, it turns out.  Frankenstein’s Monster is the good guy–I think–and the original transhumanist psychotic scientist is still at large pursuing his madness.  The book is highly relevant to all SHSers, whatever their views on bioethics, human exceptionalism, the quest for immortality, post speciesism, not to mention the attributes of good and evil.  I can hardly wait to see what comes next.