Human Exceptionalism

Diminishing Value of Human Life: Kill Your Wife Get Banned From the Pub

Who says that the value of human life is on the wane? In Scotland, a man murdered his wife, and because he has dementia, the judge has banned him from pubs rather than sending him to jail. From the story:

Lord Matthews told the defendant: “You were found guilty of the culpable homicide of your wife, who you were together with for many years.

“In normal circumstances this would attract a prison sentence in double figures. I have read and considered a number of reports from experts. It is plain to me that if I were to impose that sort of sentence you would be released in a very short time because prison would not be able to cope with your condition.

“Sentencing you would just be a token gesture. I am anxious to impose a sentence that restricts your liberty. You still go to the pub where you went with your wife. That must annoy her relatives. Not being able to go there will be a more meaningful disposal than a prison sentence which will not last long.”

The defendant should have stayed in prison until he required nursing care, and then received that in an appropriate facility. But banning from the pub for murder? (Maybe if it was a “death with dignity” case!) You just can’t make this stuff up.