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Dire Straits: Assisted Suicide Passes in Washington State

The culture of death once again has the wind in its sails after being moribund, at least as to assisted suicide, since 1994. There are many reasons for the loss having to do with the overwhelming financial backing from all around the world in favor of assisted suicide, to a popular former governor as spokesperson, an in-the-tank media that were full cheerleaders for the pro side, to a local campaign in opposition that was, to put it politely, very disappointing in its vision, imagination,and execution.

But none of that matters now. Here’s what we face: There are very powerful people of the George Soros stripe, with a great deal of money, who are committed to pushing this agenda throughout the nation. And you have determined activists leading the charge, people like Barbara Coombs Lee and Kathryn Tucker who are not only expert propagandists, but very capable politicians. In the last several years they moved the euthanasia/assisted suicide movement in this country away from the crackpot model–e.g. Derek Humphry and his suicide machines–and into what I call the professional model, in which very well tailored, upper middle class or rich activists network with other well tailored, upper middle class or rich professional types, to move the agenda forward–in elections, in the courts, in legislatures, before organizations and media to obtain endorsements, etc.

Meanwhile, the opposition is generally starved for funds, marginalized in the popular media, and as a consequence, always stuck in reactive mode when we need to be proactive.

But we can’t do it alone. If people and foundations wish to stop this juggernaut, they are going to have to do what proponents have done and step forward and give those of us willing to give our all to fighting the death culture the resources we need to compete. If they don’t, there will be more Washington States.

Anyone who still says “it can’t happen here,” isn’t paying attention. It is happening here, and it will happen here increasingly unless there is a greater commitment shown by those with means who oppose these agendas to reversing the current course.

Wesley J. Smith — Wesley J. Smith is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism.

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