Human Exceptionalism

Disability Rights Opposition to Assisted Suicide Now International

The growing opposition to legalizing assisted suicide among disability rights groups has gone international. This opinion piece by Jane Campbell, Ph.D. is important. Campbell is a very politically connected disabled woman in the UK, who served her country as a disability rights commissioner from 2000-2006. She is forming NOT DEAD YET, UK to resist euthanasia and other policies that threaten the lives of disabled people. Here is the WEB site for “Living With Dignity” that includes the NDY,UK information.

I couldn’t be more pleased. As I have repeatedly noted, the most important element preventing assisted suicide from spreading beyond Oregon has been the disability rights community. United Kingdom activists have been slower off the mark, partly because they tend to be on the political Left and have perceived–erroneously in my view–opposition to assisted suicide to be particularly religious-based and conservative. That viewpoint has evolved to the point where I believe the robust alliance that has developed here across usually divisive political and social issue spectrums may be repeated on the other side of the Pond.

Now, on to Australia and other nations threatened by the death agenda.