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Ecocide: Tar Sand Development = Auschwitz

If the Ecocide Movement succeeds, it means that installing a large wind farm could become a “crime against peace” because the turbines kill tens of thousands of birds.  It could become ecocide to clear wilderness for new agriculture because of the impact it would have on the indigenous animals and plants.  It could become akin to Auschwitz to build new highways and develop new suburbs and cities.  Commercial fishing enterprises could be criminalized–indeed, any large scale human activity to which radical no growthers object.

And think about the chilling effect on economic enterprise. As Higgens notes, the movement is aimed against corporations.  What corporate CEO would risk his or her own freedom by even trying to develop any resources? You think the economy is bad today? We would grind to such a screeching economic halt we would get whiplash!  Worse, developing nations would be unable to exploit their tremendous resource wealth to get out of the destitution horror in which most of  their people live.  Creating a crime of ecocide would be a moral crime against suffering humanity.

It can’t happen here, you say?  That’s what Anheuser Busch thought before Prohibition. In fact, the UK Supreme Court lent its facilities for this mock trial.  That  not 0nly grants respectability to a “rights of nature” movement, but means that some among the ruling classes are sympathetic to the profoundly misanthropic Ecocide Movement.

Update: Commenter Raven, who lives in the UK, says the Supreme Court facility there is available for rent.  That seems very odd to me, given the crucial role of the Supreme Court in society based on the rule of law (and would certainly never happen in the USA).  But much about the UK is odd to me these days.  Thanks to Raven for the info.


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