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Egg Donors Risk Paralysis, Limb Amputation, and Death

As I just posted, the UK will permit poor women to be exploited by selling their eggs–all in the name of promoting the great god science, of course. Inconveniently, a study just was just published illustrating the pronounced risks that these poor women will face. As the Telegraph reported:“Women who donate their eggs for research are at risk from life-threatening side effects, scientists warn in a new study. They say that the powerful drugs given to the volunteers to help increase the number of eggs they produce can cause paralysis, limb amputation and even death.

The story points out that at least three women died in the UK alone last year from egg donation for IVF treatments: “Gita Nargund, the head of reproductive medicine at St George’s Hospital, London, has campaigned for the use of alternative treatments to the strong hormones used to stimulate women’s ovaries to produce more than the one egg normally released in each monthly cycle. She said that, in addition to those reported in the Italian study, there have been two deaths from OHSS in the UK, and a further death of a woman during an egg collection procedure in Leicester last year.”

Feminists and pro-life groups should ally on this issue and create an advertising campaign in the UK warning women, “Donating Eggs for Research Could Kill You!”


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