Human Exceptionalism

Einstein’s Clone Wouldn’t BE “Einstein”

As the world sleeps, scientists are moving forward full speed ahead to perfect human cloning.

Really, Wesley, why that’s…Look, Kim Kardashian’s butt!

Back to my point: Various bioethicists discuss this potential in a story published by The Express

Laurie Zoloth, a bioethicist at Northwestern University, and Drew Endy, a bioengineer at Stanford University, said: “Would it be OK, for example, to sequence and then synthesise Einstein’s genome?

“If so, how many Einstein genomes should be made and installed in cells, and who would get to make them?”

Here’s the thing. It took much more than his genes for Einstein to become “Einstein.” Ditto, a clone of Hitler–a fun plot n some old horror movies–wouldn’t be destined to be “Hitler.”

Thus, even if we could make many clones of Einstein, they would probably be very intelligent–although no guarantees there, either–but that would not mean they would necessarily possess his wisdom or humanity.

A clone, if manufactured, would be a whole new individual, starting from scratch.

It would be cruel, a futuristic form of slavery–and almost surely futile–to try to force him or her into a predetermined life niche.


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