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Eleventh Hour: A New CBS TV Show Out of the Pages of SHS

Well, this could be very interesting–or awful. Apparently CBS has a new series starting next week called The Eleventh Hour. And it seems to cover many of the issues we discuss here at SHS. From the PR Internet site:

Humankind has survived devastation: Famine. Plague. Predators. Insects. Wildfire. Floods. Hurricanes. All take their tolls, but we have learned to overcome the destructive forces of nature. Medicine wages war against disease. Pesticides replace blight with abundance. Fire brigades extinguish raging fires, saving cities.

Now, humankind has entered a new era. An era in which the balance is reversed. Where humankind and nature are at war. An era in which civilization threatens itself more than nature: genetic manipulation, cloning, eugenics, nuclear proliferation, viral superbugs, global warming. Will the planet endure? Can nature survive man? Can man persist in this brave new world?

Well, that got my attention. I am a sucker for sci/fi and am always interested how the entertainment industry handles urgent issues we discuss here such as cloning and euthanasia, because I believe popular culture is the most impactful influence on public opinion.

The PR site also has links to YouTube videos about various real life issues it will address fictionally. Those clever publicists!

I’ll be tuning in and will report back.

HT: Dave Plemmons

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