Human Exceptionalism

EU Court to Rule if Chimp is “Person!

Can’t even take a vacation! But this is very big:

Chimp personhood is a primary goal that animal right activists seek to attain and then use as a wrecking ball to disintegrate human exceptionalism. Once a court’s declares a chimpanzee to be a full person, that ruling would make chimps, in at least some regards, our legal equals, which, in turn would erect a new Noah’s Ark, only this time shaped like a courtroom, with animal “guardians” soon clogging the courts with suits “by animals” demanding rights.

An early try in Austria toward this end was not successful, as I covered here at SHS. But now the EU Court decided to take that case on appeal–and that ain’t good. There was no reason to take the case just to deny what does not, and has never existed. Thus I fear this means that at least some court members are considering making history (to say the least) by finding that under European law chimps are persons and fully entitled to the rights and privileges (but not the duties) thereof. From the story:

Eberhart Theuer, the animal rights group’s chief legal adviser, said there is a legal precedent to appoint a guardian for an individual incapable of expressing himself. “As long as Matthew is not recognised as a person, he could be sold abroad or killed for economic reasons,” Theuer said.

‘His life depends on this decision. This case is about the fundamental question: Who is the bearer of human rights? Who is a person according to the European Human Rights Charter?’

A spokesman for the court in Strasbourg said: “Any application regarding this chimpanzee will be considered at a primary level by a magistrate and a lawyer before we decide whether it deserves a full-blown hearing.”

The recent Swiss farce in which individual plants were accorded dignity and social animals now have constitutional rights shows the direction in which powerful elite anti-humanists and the big brained intellectuals are hell bent on taking us. And when it happens–notice I didn’t say if–it will be a moral earthquake that will harm humankind profoundly, starting with the weakest among us, but eventually reaching all of us. Can you spell Pandora’s box?