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EU Follows Bush Lead on Embryonic Stem Cells–Sort Of

For all of moaning and groaning by the MSM and ESCR propagandists about Bush imposing theocracy on America for refusing to permit the federal government to fund the destruction of embryos for use in research, get this: Led by Germany, the EU has just passed its own stem cell funding bill and it only permits funding for research on existing stem cell lines, not the destruction of new embryos for stem cell research. However, from what I can gather from news reports, the policy seems to also be along that proposed by President Clinton in that once a stem cell line is established through private means, it would be apparently okay to obtain EU funding for subsequent research. In other words, there is no date limitation for funding of ESCR as there is here.

Individual countries can still pursue their own individual policies. Germany is more conservative that the USA in these matters, refusing to permit private or publicly funded embryo destruction for research, along with nine other European countries that ban ESCR altogether, while Brave New Britain permits human cloning for biomedical research.

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