Human Exceptionalism

Facing a Biased Media? Create Your Own

The Schindler Family has, quite rightly in my view, concluded that it is almost impossible to obtain fairness and accuracy–or at least both at the same time–about Terri’s case and other issues such as Futile Care Theory and assisted suicide from the MSM. So, they are starting a weekly radio program in conjunction with Talk Radio WGUL 860 in Tampa (Salem Communications), also to be streamed on the Internet (here) beginning Saturday March 15 at 3 PM Eastern Time. The show, to be called America’s Lifeline, will be co-hosted by heath care advocate Cary Hall, and Bobby Schindler and his sister Suzanne Vitadamo: From the press release:

With the help of expert guests, America’s Lifeline will focus on:

– Controversial Cases Such as the Lauren Richardson Case

– Advanced Directives & Wills

– The health care rights of Americans

– Threats to the Disabled

– National Health Care

– Local & National Politics

– Home & Hospice Care

– Euthanasia

– Doctor Assisted Suicide

– Medical Futility & Artificial Care Laws

– State Federal Laws

– Ethics committees

– And much much more.

These are areas given far too short a shrift in the media even when the reporting is fair, and when they are discussed, the discourse is generally glancing and transitory. Let us wish America’s Lifeline well and hope that it finds a large audience.