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Fighting Futile Care Theory in Texas in the Memory of Andrea Clarke

I received an e-mail from Lenore Dixon, Andrea Clark’s sister. Readers of Secondhand Smoke will recall that Clark was the woman who was the subject of a fight over the attempt to terminate wanted life-sustaining treatment. Her family was treated disgracefully. Now, they are working to fight the futility law in Texas with an organization called Texas Patient Rights. Here is part of what she wrote: “I believe your readers were very helpful in allowing Andrea to continue life support until she died in her own time. Now my family and I are committed to changing the Texas law that allowed St. Luke’s to play God with our sister’s life. We’ve since learned of many other cases where hospitals played God. We want to change this law. The legislature is now in session and we need as many people as possible to take action in this effort.”

Here is the Web site. Go, Lenore!