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Forcing Doctors to Lie About Assisted Suicide

California’s assisted suicide bill would–like Washington’s law–require doctors to lie about the cause of death in assisted suicide. From SB 128:

443.7. (a) Unless otherwise prohibited by law, the attending physician may sign the qualified individual’s death certificate. (b) The cause of death listed on an individual’s death certificate who uses aid-in-dying medication shall be the underlying terminal illness.

In assisted suicide, the actual cause of death is suicide–in the case of doctor-prescribed death, an intentional overdose of barbiturates.

Thus, if the bill passes, the State of California will legally require doctors who commit assisted suicide to lie on an crucial government document.

Why do this? Because the movement seeks to turn suicide into non-suicide. Also, as I posted here the other day, honesty would raise California’s suicide rate by 1/3. The last thing euthanasia pushers want is for the public to see what is actually going on.

Do you see how the euthanasia/assisted suicide movement corrupts everything it touches?

Integrity? Honesty? Candor? Transparency? Not in the movement’s lexicon.

For a more detailed look, see this Patients Rights Council analysis.

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