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Forgetting the Lessons of History: The Push For Eugenic Infanticide Marches On

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology is calling for society to permit eugenic infanticide. The problem, according to these “ethicists” is that some very disabled babies survive. We can’t have that. “A very disabled child can mean a disabled family,” the report urges. And this might prevent abortions (!!) because parents would be willing to see a difficult pregnancy through in the knowledge that if it doesn’t turn out well, they always have the option of a post birth abortion.

Apparently a bioethics think tank is looking into the issue. Oh joy. Maybe they’ll recommend that the babies be used in medical experiments and organ harvesting since they are going to be thrown out anyway.

Of course, the Dutch have leapt to support the idea. According to two studies in the Lancet, neonatologists and pediatricians already kill about 8% of all infants who die in the Netherlands,a sorry figure that another Lancet study shows that Flanders now equals.

Doctors and bioethicists are reviving the concept of life unworthy of life. Oh, they don’t term it so crassly. But what we say isn’t what counts: It is what we do. How fast people who should know better have forgotten the lessons of history.

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