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Futile Care Case in Alaska?

This report is a bit vague but apparently there is a futile care case in Alaska with lawyers with the Alliance Defense Fund preventing the hospital from forcibly removing a patient from care. From the World Net Daily report:

The Alaska Supreme Court has granted a motion sought by an attorney working with the Alliance Defense Fund to keep life support systems operating for a patient who could die within minutes of those tubes being removed…In the Alaska case, the names of the family members have been withheld so far. But the Alliance Defense Fund confirmed one of its attorneys sought and obtained an order from the state Supreme Court requiring Providence Hospital to keep life-support tubes for the woman…

“No on should be allowed to decide that an innocent life is worthless. A man is caring for the wife he loves; it’s not the hospital’s job to end her life,” said ADF Senior counsel Joe Infranco. “We are pleased with the court’s decision to allow this woman to continue receiving her treatment, respecting the wishes of the patient and her husband over those of hospital bureaucrats.”
The ADF said the hospital “asserts that the woman’s medical treatment does her no good and that keeping her alive violates its ‘ethical’ standards.”
Her husband filed suit against the hospital and Javed Kamali, a physician there, to keep medical staff from removing the life support apparatus. “Having severe medical problems shouldn’t be a death sentence,” said another ADF-allied lawyer, Kenneth Kirk. “Judging a patient’s worth by subjective ‘quality of life’ standards is dangerous. The decision on whether to remove life support for this woman rests with her and her husband alone.”

WND states the case is similar to Terri Schiavo. But it is actually as if Michael Sciavo and the Schindlers wanted the treatment and the doctors decided to say no. That is Futile Care Theory and unless we are vigilant, it will be coming soon to a hospital near you.

I will see if I can find out more.