Human Exceptionalism

Geoffrey Fieger Indicted

Geoffrey Fieger, Jack Kevorkian’s former lawyer who deserted the sinking ship just before it went down, has been indicted for conspiracy to violate campaign contribution laws in the 2004 election. I take no position on his guilt or innocence, of course. But one of the things that drove me to near apoplexy about Fieger (whom I debated on television several times) during the Kevorkian years was his complete disregard for legal ethics and propriety. If every lawyer practiced the way he did in the Kevorkian cases–particularly the one in upper Michigan in which he accused the prosecutor of a crime in front of the jury causing a mistrial–there would be chaos. And judges and prosecutors were intimidated of his extreme behavior, evidenced by the judge in that case failing to hold him in contempt for repeatedly violating his rulings from the bench and the prosecutor not refiling the charges.

I don’t know if Fieger is a crook. But in my view, he is a disgrace to the legal profession.