Human Exceptionalism

German Neighors Don’t Like Assisted Suicide Apartments Either

Dignitas, the assisted suicide facilitating organization from Switzerland is extending its tentacles into Germany. Just as the Swiss neighbors of the group’s suicide safe house objected to all of the corpses being carried out, so too now, have Germans:

ZURICH (Reuters) – Right-to-die group Dignitas has been barred from its premises in a Zurich suburb after neighbors objected to the use of the apartment for assisted suicides, the local council said Wednesday.

It was the second blow for the non-profit association this year, after it was forced to move from a previous suburban Zurich apartment when residents complained.

Last week, the local council ordered the charity to stop using the new apartment and apply to change its official function from a residence to an “assisted suicide flat.”

“Dignitas continued to ignore the ban and still carried out assisted suicides,” council official Daniel Scheidegger told Reuters. “So we decided to enforce the ban.”

The nihilism is so thick you can cut it with a knife.