Human Exceptionalism

Germans Overwhelmingly Oppose Human ESCR

We continually hear from the brave new world crowd that only religion would cause one to oppose ESCR and human cloning. That isn’t true, of course., One need not be religious to have serious reservations about using nascent human life as a mere natural resource.

Here’s some evidence demonstrating this point: German is a very secular country, and certainly isn’t dominated by theocrats. And yet, a newly published German poll (no link in English, but here is the German.) is finds overwhelming opposition to human ESCR and embryo-destructive research. Here are the results:

The German January 2008 Opinion Poll on Stem Cell Research.

The poll found that in 2008, 61% supported using only adult/or iPS cells. In 2007, this figure was 56.3%

Only 26.9% also support ESCR, down from 32.9% last


Support for Embryo Protection Act – ban of destructive embryo research:

A whopping 65.2% support the existing ban on destructive embryo

research, and 27.8% oppose, very close to last year’s figures.

Interestingly, support for ESCR seems to be dropping. Perhaps this is because the advances in adult stem cell research are becoming more evident.


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