Human Exceptionalism

A Glimpse of the Radical Anti-Humanism of Animal Rights

Most people are unaware of how utterly unhinged some members of the animal rights movement are becoming.  That is why I occasionally provide a peek behind the curtain.  Today, over at my other blog RPDB (for short), I cover a thinly veiled murderous screed on one of the animal rights Web sites.  Here’s a disturbing sample:

If the corporatists and their faithful flock can shoot, trap, slash, cage, enslave, cut, gut, slit, slaughter, butcher, burn, shock, inject, beat, stomp, rape, wear, eat, and brutally murder voiceless sentient beings, how can we anti-speciesists, in good conscience, allow them to operate unchallenged and with impunity?…We needn’t worry about maintaining the moral high ground. Dante wrote an unpublished addendum to the Inferno that includes a Tenth Circle–just for our opposition.

In the corporatist state’s legal system, which principally serves to protect profit and property, an activist who killed a factory “farmer,” a vivisector or a hunter would be punished as a murderer. Yet in the court of nature’s higher laws, those who didn’t engage in some form of activism (be it direct or indirect, violent or non-violent) to defend nonhuman animals would be tried as accomplices to murder. Apathy is complicity. With whom do you want to ally? Thanatos or Gaia?

Understand this: These people mean what they say. They are anti human and appear to be coming closer to lethally lashing out. The only people who can stop the pot from boiling over are other animal rights believers. But most are quiet about the growing criminality as church mice.

If you want to read more, head on over to RPDB by hitting this link.

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