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Global Warming Hysteria: The Consequences of Don’t Drill, Baby, Don’t Drill

I am certainly not opposed to transitioning from fossil fuels into renewable energy sources. But that will take decades, and in the meantime, we need to be sure our energy needs are met.

I saw first hand the problem when California experienced power brown outs several years ago.  It helped bring down Gov. Gray Davis.  Gasoline was $4 a gallon not too long ago–very bad for the economy. And now, the bitter cold snap in the UK may lead to natural gas restrictions.  From the story:

The freezing weather has raised fears that Britain could run short of gas after the National Grid issued only its second warning ever over surging consumption. Demand for gas – the fuel used to heat about two thirds of Britain’s homes – has risen to about 30 per cent above seasonal norms with Britain in the grip of one of its coldest winters for 100 years. While it is unlikely that households will find their supplies restricted, a shortage could lead to higher bills. The National Grid, responsible for meeting the country’s energy requirements, issued a gas balancing alert on Monday to give warning that any further falls in supply could force big users like power plants to cut their consumption.

Those who impede oil, gas, and other energy production out of hysteria over global warming have the potential to cause tremendous harm  to billions of people–and far quicker than potential catastrophic warming.  If we are entering a cold period as some have stated, we had better drill, baby drill!  Our warmth, our electricity, our prosperity may depend on it.

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