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Global Warming Hysteria: The Hypocrisy Factor

The hypocrisy of many of the most famous proponents of GWH has helped destroy the credibility of global warming generally.  Al Gore’s many houses and notorious uses of private jets, Barbra Streisand, you get the picture.  They talk the talk, but hardly walk the walk.

Proponents of global warming complain that it isn’t fair to tar the scientific arguments with the celebrities.  I am sorry, but that is wanting the benefit of “the celebrities–I mean, who do they always trot out to promote things such as GWH?–and not accept that people will look to see if the spokespeople live consistently with how they are telling the rest of us to behave.

And now, an Irish filmmaker points out the hypocrisy of Prince–long live the queen–Charles.  Enjoy.

About the only one of these celebrity hysteria mongers who walks the walk is Ed Begley, Jr. Good on him.


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