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Global Warming Hysteria: Order Moving Vans for the Animals!

They keep coming out with “studies” steeped in hysteria intended to convince us to destroy our economies in order to stop climate change, which is impossible, and halt a human-caused global warming that may not be happening.  The newest one is that animals and plants may have to move a quarter mile a year in the face of the blazing temperatures we will experience.  When will that be?  Soon! We promise, soon.  From the story:

A team of scientists from the California Academy of Sciences, UC Berkeley and the Carnegie Institute of Science said the blistering pace of climate change is going to force animals to scramble, sometimes for miles, looking for relief. The study, which was published Wednesday in the scientific journal Nature, found that animals and plants – depending on whether they live in the flatlands or mountains – will have to travel anywhere from 50 feet to 6 miles every year between now and 2100 to find habitat similar to what they currently enjoy. “Adapt, move or go extinct. Those are the three options,” said Healy Hamilton, a conservation biologist at San Francisco’s Academy of Sciences and a co-author of the paper.

Here’s the thing: We are not experiencing “blistering”  warming.  More to the point, this is all speculative projection based on the projection data the studiers decided to put into their computers.  And remember, the computer projections didn’t catch the apparent warming lull we are in, but that never seems to matter.  Moreover, five thousand years ago the San Francisco Bay was an inland valley about 20 miles from the sea, and Alcatraz was a small hill in that valley.  Climate changes. Life adjusts.

Some scientists claim that the weather is more directly influenced by the sun than human activity.  We are in a time of low solar activity, and they project that means cooler weather.  They may have a point.  Look at the headlines.  It is freezing all over the place.  It looks to be a very cold winter.


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