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Columnist: Euthanasia = “Natural Death”

Sometimes, all I can do is I scratch my head. A Guardian columnist named Tim Lott supports the willingness of Dutch doctors to kill patients “tired of life,” as proof they believe in natural death. From, “We’ll All Die One Day:

Yet I find myself rather in sympathy with the one in five Dutch doctors who, it was reported this week, would consider helping someone die even if they had no physical problems but were “tired of living”. Because these doctors have the maturity to face the fact that life has a natural end…

It sounds morbid. But the battle against mortal disease can never be won because it is a battle against the inevitable. To face our fate is to have the courage to live, even if it means dying a little earlier than the experts, and even our families, might – perhaps with more kindness than wisdom – insist.

Yes, we all die. But lethally injecting depressed and despondent people isn’t a “natural end.” It is killing.

I have heard of postmodern word deconstruction, but this takes the cake. Good grief.

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