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Haunted by Terri Schiavo

I will not let it go.  I have a piece on The Church Report about how the Rom Houben “awakening” brought Terri Schiavo powerfully back to minds and hearts.  I won’t belabor most of the points again here, since we have talked about it a lot.  But I will leave you with the conclusion.  From my column, “Haunted by Terri Schiavo:”

So Terri Schiavo remains very much with us. Polls show that most people believe that her dehydration was just and proper because she was so impaired.  But perhaps our inner voice, the part of us that never lies, sees it differently.  Perhaps the reason Terri Schiavo comes so quickly to mind whenever we hear stories about “miraculous” awakenings, is that we remain profoundly disturbed by what we did to her, haunted it would seem, by her beautifully smiling face.

I think that inner voice is one of the best things about being human.  May it never be put to sleep.


The Wuhan Lab Cover-Up

The Wuhan Lab Cover-Up

It's now certain that the U.S. government misled the public about the kind of research that the U.S. taxpayers were indirectly funding in China.

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