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Hillary Clinton Punts on Assisted Suicide

Hillary Clinton has a shriveled moral core. When asked about one of the most important and radical social agendas the other night–the euphemistic, “death with dignity”–she wouldn’t take a position.

From the Politico story:

At the town hall, Hillary Clinton fielded what she said was her first campaign question about physician-assisted suicide. Clinton didn’t stake out a position on the controversial issue, but said it will come up more frequently as people live longer with serious illnesses.

“It is a crucial issue that people deserve to understand from their own ethical, religious and faith-based perspectives,” she said. Clinton added that she wants to examine what other countries, like the Netherlands, have experienced after enacting laws.

She had no ready answer because she hadn’t yet polled and focus grouped the issue.

But if Secretary Clinton wants to know what has happened in the Netherlands, I’m happy to help:

  • The mentally ill are euthanized by psychiatrists.
  • Incompetent Alzheimer’s patients are killed by doctors if they asked to die in an advance directive.
  • Babies with serious disabilities or terminal illnesses are killed in their cribs.
  • The elderly “tired of life” are killed by doctors.
  • People with disabilities are killed by doctors.
  • People with chronic illnesses are killed by doctors.
  • People with terminal illnesses are killed by doctors.
  • Euthanasia will soon be conjoined with organ harvesting–already happening in Belgium.
  • People who haven’t asked to die are killed by doctors, what is euphemistically called “termination without request or consent.”
  • Doctors terminally sedate people–put into an artificial coma and withdraw food and fluids–at shocking rates, so they don’t have to be present when the patient dies

In short, the Netherlands is to the culture of death what Niagara is to water falls.

It seems to me that should settle the question.

Now, Mrs. Clinton, ask about Belgium and Switzerland.

And ask about Barbara Wagner and Randy Stroup in Oregon, both denied life-extending chemotherapy by the state, but offered payment for assisted suicide.

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