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Holding Plastic Bags Over the Heads of People in Final Exit Network Assisted Suicides

I have been following various aspects of the FEN activists’ arrests. But this aspect of the story really caught my attention. SHSers will recall that I mentioned the book A Chosen Death in a previous post, and how its author Lonny Shavelson watched a Hemlock operative kill “Gene” by preventing him from tearing off a plastic bag she had put over his head.

Well now, it appears that the FEN activists may have done the very same thing! From the story:

At the Dawson County residence on Wednesday, [Ted] Goodwin [head of FEN and vice president of the World Federation of the Right to Die Societies] allegedly walked the undercover agent through the steps and demonstrated how he would hold the agent’s hands to stop him from removing the exit bag, Bankhead said.

The GBI said that after the death occurs, “all evidence is removed from the scene by the ‘guides’ and discarded, as evidence indicated happened in the Cumming case.”

Can you imagine holding someone down as they suffocate to death?


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