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Horrible Home Health Care in Province of Death

I call it “Euthanasia Land:” When medicalized killing is advocated, it is always in the context of oh, so caring doctors, loving families, committed caregivers, and stalwart patients making “last resort” decisions.

Then, when real world care inadequacies are exposed–the actual context in which killing decisions are made–somehow, euthanasia never gets mentioned. It isn’t even a tickle in the back of the mind.

Example: Quebec has legalized a radical euthanasia bill, clearly not limited to the terminally ill–als requiring complicity from all Q-licensed physicians. Yet the Montreal Gazette writers ignore the killing agenda in an editorial rightfully decrying the shabby state of the province’s home health care system. From, “Homecare in Quebec is Profoundly Inadequate:

One bath a week. That is how low the standard of care has fallen for some elderly Quebecers in need of homecare, a publicly funded service that is supposed to allow ailing people to live at home with dignity so they don’t have to be institutionalized.

The office of Quebec’s ombudsman delivered another damning report last week, painting a dire portrait of health and social services, especially for seniors…Among the disturbing findings of the ombudsman’s report were regional disparities, lengthy waits for service even after need was determined, and levels of care being influenced by the presence of family members or the patients’ perceived resources.

Add to this a lack of quality control, widely diverging standards, insufficient evaluations — and in some cases a lack of time actually spent in patients’ homes by personnel

How does a major newspaper in the Canadian Province of Death square “profoundly inadequate” services for the elderly and medicalized killing? It doesn’t even try. Euthanasia Land.

Let’s connect the dots, people! Nous allons relier les points gens!

Yes, of course the Gazette editorialized in favor of the euthanasia law.


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