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Howard Kurtz Says Media “Getting Angry”

Howard Kurtz, who has the media beat for the Washington Post (and who I know; nice guy), says the media are getting angry about the McCain/Palin campaign. “Getting?” He says it is because the rucus made about pigs and lipstick. Baloney. As I have noted here at SHS, I think they have been over the moon since day one of A.P (after Palin)!

I think there are two primary reasons for this, one of which we have explored thoroughly, and one which is mostly beyond our scope here. First, Palin is viewed as “the other,” symbolized by her and Todd’s loving acceptance of Trig, a matter we have discussed at length. Second, she is clearly helping the McCain campaign, and I think it is fair to say most MSM are liberals who want Senator Obama to become President Obama. I’ll leave the discussions of that aspect to others.

Media bias is media bias, and I think most reporters try to work their way around their own views on most issues. What is wrong is when media cease to be reporters and essentially become campaigners for one side or the other. Then bias becomes unprofessional–as in the embryonic stem cell debate.

This much I have no doubt about: The MSM wants to destroy Palin: For you Doctor Who fans, they remind me of Daleks: “Exterminate! Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!”