Human Exceptionalism

Huntingdon Life Sciences Listed on NYSE

Fifteen months after being intimidated by animal rights/liberation thugs into not listing the parent company of Huntingdon Life Sciences, the New York Stock Exchange-Arca has done the right thing, and listed the company, permitting it to raise capital. Why the sudden show of backbone? Perhaps it was passage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act that permitted greater law enforcement efforts against “tertiary targeting.” The National Association for Biomedical Research is justifiably pleased, stating in a press release, that it “salutes the NYSE for standing on their convictions and supporting a legitimate business that is vital to the American research community.”

Liberationists call Huntingdon “puppy killers” and have vowed to put the company out of business. If the lab has engaged in unlawful activities–and it has been cleared in investigations–it should be prosecuted or sued. But terrorism in the name of liberation is without any justification. Liberationists have every right to seek to persuade us to not use animals in research, which would cause tremendous human harm, but they have no right to resort to criminality to force society into agreeing with their radical views.


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