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Jahi Deteriorating

The bodies of brain dead people cannot be–except in the very rarest cases–maintained indefinitely. The heart can beat without brain stimuli. The lungs can be filled with air. Nutrients and necessary minerals, etc. can be applied. But sooner or later, the body will deteriorate and cease functioning despite the most aggressive intervention.

Thus, I am not surprised that Jahi’s attorney has stated she is deteriorating. From the LA Times story:

The family’s attorney, Christopher Dolan, told the San Jose Mercury News, however, that Jahi’s body has deteriorated badly in the weeks since she was declared brain-dead. “She’s in very bad shape,” he said. “What I can tell you is that those examinations show that her medical condition, separate from the brain issue, is not good.”

Some will blame the lack of tube feeding. But if this process continues, it is because she is deceased. Alas.

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