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Jahi Lawyer Demands Tracheostomy

Jahi McMath’s lawyer is demanding that Children’s Hospital Oakland preform a surgical tracheostomy on her. From his statement.

​​We continue to seek a tracheostomy procedure for Jahi McMath before she departs for or upon arrival in New York. However, many surgeons and hospital administrators are on holiday making our goal difficult to reach.

If Children’s Hospital Oakland would perform the procedure we could quickly move Jahi to a facility that provides innovative world-class treatments, of the type being given to Prime Minister Sharon in Israel. Amazing research opportunities exist but Children’s Hospital Oakland holds the key to Jahi’s death sentence – a simple tracheostomy procedure, despite a mother’s plea and the money to pay for it. Instead they starve her.

Our plea is for a courageous ENT specialist physician to step forth and give this mother the choice and this child a chance. Contact the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network at: 484-278-4287

Meanwhile, the hospital’s lawyer has also been busy corresponding. Here is part of that 12/29/13 letter:

1. Children’s will be pleased to communicate directly with a physician at any facility that is considering accepting Jahi’s body to make sure Children’s understands the requirements set by that facility for accepting the body and to ensure that the facility understands the current condition of the dead body and what is being done to maintain it under Judge Grillo’s temporary restraining order. Of course, the family’s representatives can observe that communication.

2. Children’s needs to be assured that there is a lawful transportation plan to any facility to which transfer is proposed.

3. If the proposed facility is out-of-state, Children’s needs written assurances from the Coroner that their office will allow the transfer.

What an awful, tragic mess.