Human Exceptionalism

The Joy of Blogging

One of the things that is most interesting about producing Secondhand Smoke is seeing which posts generate the most comments. Today, I posted an entry about the television program The 4400, that I thought would generate considerable interest. (I don’t measure the interest of people in any post by the number of comments because I hear from people who tell me they like the site but don’t express their opinions. Lurkers, of course, are always welcome here.) I also posted what I considered almost a throw away post about bias I perceive in the Kansas City Star and the hubris (again, as I see it) of the Stowers Institute with regard to SCNT research. I have written about that topic frequently here, and didn’t expect much action. Wrong. The KC Star post took off with few comments (so far) on The 4400.

That’s cool. It is fun to see what gets people riled or interested enough to take the time to engage.

Thanks very much to everyone who visits SHS regardless of your opinions or your level of participation in discussions.