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Judge Ends Brain Dead Mother’s “Life Support”

Marlise Munoz will go off of the medical technology that maintain her, also leading to the end of her 22-week fetus. From the USA Today story:

Husband Erick Munoz found his wife unconscious on Nov. 26. He has said that she told him if she ever was in her present condition, she did not want to be kept alive. The hospital maintained it was bound by state law that forbids withdrawal of treatment from a pregnant woman. But Wallace ruled the law did not apply in this case because Marlise Munoz “is deceased,” Panicker tweeted. Munoz is carrying a fetus that is believed to be 22-weeks old. It is “distinctly abnormal” lawyers for Erick Munoz said in a statement Wednesday.

I am not surprised. Since Munoz is legally dead, it seems to me the statute does not apply to her situation. (I expressed my opinion about this terrible tragedy here and here.)

I wonder if the decision would have been different had the fetus appeared to be healthy. For those who support this decision, should it?


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