Human Exceptionalism

Kevorkian Wants to Become Poster Boy for Assisted Suicide

Jack Kevorkian has stated publicly that if he is released from prison, he will campaign for the legalization of assisted suicide. He would be the perfect poster boy for that agenda. Most of the people he helped kill were not terminally ill. He once stated he couldn’t remember their names. And he has stated he would have killed Terri Schiavo, which shows where such thinking leads.

Don’t get me wrong. I hope he stays in jail. He has said he won’t kill again, but he said that before.

But if he is released, there is no question he will put that agenda back on the front pages in blazing headlines since media love outlaws. Then, perhaps, we can get the truth out about the entire euthanasia agenda, not the gooey euphemisms and phony compassion that are the earmarks of such advocacy today.