Human Exceptionalism

Man Interferes with Choice of Suicide, Cooperates With Police State

Can you imagine? A New Jersey man named Jesse Coltrane was communicating on-line with a friend in California when he found out the young man was apparently killing himself. Instead of respecting his friend’s autonomy, he became judgmental and interfered! From the story:

During an online conversation Monday night, 22-year-old Jesse Coltrane realized his friend was distraught and even suicidal.”At one moment he was cutting his arms,” Coltrane explained. Jesse said he only knew the 18-year-old’s first name and phone number and tried to convince his friend not to kill himself. The conversation lasted well into the evening while his friend continued cutting his forearm with a razor.

Jesse decided to call a police department in Sacramento and officers were able to track down where his friend lived in California.

Who does Coltrane think he is: His brother’s keeper? And now his friend has been hospitalized for observation! Tyranny.


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