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Mark Pickup’s Moving Tribute to Terri Schiavo’s Dad, Bob Schindler

Mark Pickup may very well be the finest man I have ever met.  He is good, decent, kind, honest even when it really hurts to be honest, and has an iron-willed integrity.  He also has a heart of golden mush.

Mark was very caught up, as was I, in the terrible tragedy of the dehydration death of Terri Schiavo.  Today on his blog, he writes a wonderful tribute to Terri’s late dad, Bob Schindler, who died a few weeks ago.  From Mark’s blog:

Bob Schindler was an ordinary man ― an unassuming hero ― who fought desperately to save his brain-injured daughter from being killed. He left no legal or political stone unturned to bring her back to the safety, security and love of his home. He simply wanted to protect her from the clutches of a hostile and increasingly anti-disability culture. Bob and Mary Schindler shook America to its foundation and challenged its sense of right and wrong in starving and dehydrating to death severely brain injured people. The Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation was formed to help other families protect their disabled loved ones.

Bob Schindler showed lesser ordinary men like me that we too can do extraordinary things if we throw caution to the wind for a cause we know to be right and true.

That’s what Bob did, all right. That’s exactly what he did.