Human Exceptionalism

Mice in Research Could Lead to Alzheimer’s Treatment

I post stories like this from time to time in order to remind readers that, contrary to the hysterical, repeated assertions of animal liberationists, using animals is an essential part of medical research. This story demonstrates why. In order to do the research on genes that affect aminio acids and the potential of gene modification to treat Alzheimer’s detailed in this story, scientists need to work with living organisms that have a brain. Using stem cell or other cell lines would not do the trick. Nor would computer models. At this basic research stage, to use human subjects would be dangerous and an abuse of human rights. That leaves animals.

Those who are seeking to prevent such uses of animals have to be willing to admit that humans will be adverely impacted. Some have the integrity to do so. But many do not and even go so far as to pretend that using animals in medical research hurts humankind. In any event, remember this story the next time you read of animal liberationists decrying the proper and humane use of animals in scientific and medical research.

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