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Missouri Defies Free Birth Control Rule

In the wake of the Obama Administration’s regulation requiring all employers but houses of worship to offer free birth control and sterilization coverage, Missouri passed legislation stating that no MO employer has to provide such coverage if it violates their religious convictions.  Veto by the Democrat governor. Override.  From the Kansas City Star story:

Missouri lawmakers voted Wednesday to override Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto and allow employers to refuse to provide health insurance coverage for birth control if doing so violates their religious convictions. But almost immediately after the vote, a Kansas City firefighter and the Greater Kansas City Coalition of Labor Union Women filed a lawsuit asking a judge to throw the new law out.

Federal law, under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, already protects–or should if the wording of the law has any meaning–religiously dissenting business owners from complying with the FBCR. But the RFRA only applies to federal statutes.  I don’t see why a state can’t pass a similar law protecting its citizens in a similar manner.

These fights would be unnecessary if the Obamacarians had any concept of comity.  But the administration’s minions are engaging in cultural imperialism, wanting to force all of society to adhere to their moral values. Thus, the fight will be waged in the courts and the state legislatures for years to come unless Obamacare is defanged.  If it isn’t, opponents should not yield.


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