Human Exceptionalism

More on AB 2747

By Bobby Schindler

Here is more on California Bill AB 2747 by disability rights advocate Marilyn Golden. Thankfully, this bill, which is being sponsored by California Assemblymembers Patty Berg and Lloyd Levine is being exposed for what it really is, a backdoor attempt to legalize physician assisted suicide. From the article:

“This bill represents a change in strategy by Compassion and Choices after three years of defeat. Every year since 2005, the group tried to legalize assisted suicide in California. Each year, strong bi-partisan opposition defeated that legislation. On a new tack, this bill would pave the way for their hoped-for future legalization of assisted suicide.”

Wesley has also written about the potential dangers of this bill and here Marilyn Golden does the same.

“AB 2747 would mandate that doctors discuss with patients still a year from death, unusual end-of-life courses of action including voluntarily starving and dehydrating themselves, which is not even a medical treatment.”

This bill would also define terminal illness as one year to live.

“To mandate this discussion a year in advance of death is shockingly early. It is not unusual for a ‘terminal’ patient to dramatically outlive her terminal prognosis by many years. To force such a discussion on a patient at that time is not fair to the patient. One must ask what end is served by this timing.”

Hopefully, this bill will fail for what it is – a cowardly and dishonest attempt to legalize doctor assisted suicide.