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More Animal Rights Terrorism: Threats to Poison General Population in UK “For the Animals”

People like this deserve to be jailed and the key thrown away. The continuing rabid attacks against Huntingdon Life Sciences and any business that deals with the company, has now led these fanatics to threaten to poison the general population. This is an anonymous “communique” from a group of criminals calling themselves the Animal Rights Militia:

December 10, 2007 — A.R.M. Claims Contamination of Glaxo Products

anonymous communique: “In a series of coordinated actions on the 10th December by the ARM 49 bottles of Lucozade Energy have been contaminated with sodium hydroxide and replaced onto shop shelves in the North of England, London, and Northern Ireland. The affected flavours are Original, Orange, Apple, and Lemon of the sizes 500ml and 1l. Jean-Pierre Garnier the choice is yours, either you cut your companies ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences or these actions will continue. We’ve been watching GlaxoSmithKline closely and we know what you’re up to, Novartis paid the price when we hit its products a couple of months ago the question is how higher a price are you willing to pay? As you can rest assured we will be back. This action is dedicated to the 500 animal who die at the hands HLS workers every day.

Of course, nothing need to have been done to the bottles at all for this insidious terrorism to work. When and if these criminals are caught, the justice system should treat them without mercy.

Some might say that I am assisting the terrorists in printing this. But I think it is important for people to see how evil some in the animal rights movement have become. This isn’t about being nice to animals. It is about terrorizing people and anarchy.


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