Human Exceptionalism

More Animal Rights Threats in Santa Cruz

Readers of SHS will recall the home invasion of the Santa Cruz cancer researcher who enraged animal rights fanatics for experimenting on lab rats looking for a cure for breast cancer. There hasn’t been much news from there lately, until now. New threats are being made. From the story:

There are some people in Santa Cruz very nervous over a pamphlet that contains a lot of personal information about them. Police are looking for whoever left pamphlets listing the names and addresses of U.C.S.C. researchers at a cafe.

The crudely-constructed pamphlet titled “Murderers and Torturers Alive and Well in Santa Cruz” warns “We know where you live. We know where you work. We will never back down.” A customer at a café brought the pamphlet to police. It was the title that caught his attention, but once he opened it, he found what could be considered a hit list…

Each page had the researchers’ picture, home address, and telephone number. The booklet’s back cover made it clear. Whoever is responsible for compiling this list will not stop until the abuse of animals ends.

This can’t be right. Animal rights is a peaceable movement!