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MSM Assault on Sarah Palin Continues

Despite a brief and welcomed respite from the NYT, the MSM’s obsessive attacks on Sarah Palin and her family continue. The latest is from Vanity Fair, which in the guise of humor, demonstrates their editors unconscionable snobbery and inability to accept differences in lifestyle, as in big family, religious, church-going, pro lifers who gave birth to a Down baby. Readers even get to vote whether Sarah or Bristol Palin is the real mother of Trig! The premise is a purported timeline of Trig’s birth. From the story:

August 2007: Trig is conceived…during a queaky clean conjugal roll in the snow [or]during an illicit adolescent romp, OR as the National Equirer is allegedly preparing to report, a tryst between the Governor and her husband’s colleague.

The National Enquirer isn’t planning to report that the partner is the real father of Trig, but that there was a supposed affairs years ago. But never mind. Any salacious rumor will be grabbed–and even distorted–to hurt the hated enemy! It gets worse, but I’ll let you all read it if you wish.

Here is the point: This scandalous journalistic malpractice and gang jump isn’t just occurring in the fringe blogosphere. It is feeding off the vile liars in the blogosphere and giving their “respectable” imprimatur to the garbage emenating from the obsessive crackpots who have been making things up and altering the date of photographs in their drive to destroy Palin.

This is Vanity Fair, not a supermarket tabloid. And it isn’t alone. Vile. Sexist. Defamatory. But nothing is too low a blow to destroy the monster who dared give birth to a baby with Down syndrome and declare that she saw perfection in his eyes.